Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where am I going to get my Macro or Juicing box now?

Diamond Organics is no more.
I was thinking to myself - hey - let's see if Kathleen can get me some gooseberries for a Midsummer cake I want to make this Friday...I wanted to make little ones and drop them off at my son's school for his teachers along with a spiral sun-catcher - which is a little craft the boys and I will be working on Friday. i didn't want to use grapes from Chile and our grapes don't come until September...although I might be able to find some early ones...

Anyhow - I go to the website and guess what I see?

Diamond Organics was the largest organic online retailer in the nation. Products included organic prepared foods, organic gift baskets and sampler and a full line of organic food items including fresh organic produce cut to order shipped overnight to arrive the next day.

When I traveled, I always had a box of Diamond Organics goodies shipped to my destination, this way I was guaranteed to have food with the standard I'm used to feeding my family.

Of course I'm heartbroken.  I wrote Kathleen and she in turn wrote me back...
What happened? Well - California happened.
This is a super expensive place to live. She sold organic food - which already had an associated cost, but also shipped it across the USA - shipping rates are astronomical.

What I do want to share is who Kathleen Hamilton is...
  • She has been in the organic food business for 30 years and knows that California is where you can produce food on a year round basis.
  • She cooked macrobiotic at home for 15 years.
  • Her soups were GLORIOUS.She sold her own line of ready-to-eat food and packs for lunch and dinner to her customers. 
  • She's a mother, she feeds her family whole foods and fresh organic ingredients. 
  • She didn't have health care for many years being self employed. (don't we know that situation!)
  • She does have a little cookbook and I'm looking forward to getting it!

She's in Moss Landing, CA and will continue to support her local delivery business to her area. thank you Kathleen for the many years you kept this family healthy.

I wish you luck in your next venture - you're an inspiration!


Mrs. B said...

Wow, I didn't know such a site existed. That is sad.

Quay Po Cooks said...

I can see why you are disappointed. I wish we can buy organic food online in my country.

Unknown said...

thank you for this note, I couldn't understand why they didn't have a site. I had ordered from them before dial up was even available everywhere, with their beautiful catalogues!