Saturday, February 13, 2010

back to the grocery list

Just a short entry this morning...I have to work the weekend...not happy about it, but in the economy we do what we need to when we need to do it.
I tried to do a comparison shop with the big guys and what I paid in Houston and the total came to $700.00 without tax. In all fairness though - I did say that the groceries in Houston are ~ half the price more or less, so the same groceries/house/body keeping items would have come to $1060.00 or so here in California.
The items they didn't have were:
Gluten Free oats
Wheat Free Tamari
raw goat cheese
raw cheddar
Rice tortillas
Aduki Beans
black soy beans

But - the equation goes deeper than that  when we consider most of the products I buy are produced in California and the carbon footprint is far less than buying the same from Houston. The injustice is that we pay way more for something grown in our own backyard than what we pay for it to be trucked to Houston, TX.

This morning we had a good breakfast:
Sauteed Spinach (drained)
Sauteed Mushrooms
Topped with fresh eggs over-easy

Have a nice one - later on - I'll be baking for Valentines!

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