Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the grocery list vs. the grocery list

first - I'm so proud of my 5 year old! last night's dinner was vegetarian - beans, rice, collards, butternut squash simmer - he ate it! he liked it! Mr. picky is growing up. The baby eats everything so he gobbled it up of course, but only off of my plate - not his own....
So - i'm going to divulge the stuff I put on my grocery list - I do live in California so things are very expensive there - as a matter of fact - I can go to the HEB (Central Market/Whole Foods cousin) in Texas and get twice as much as I do here for the same price. It used to be 3x as much - makes one's stomach churn - but ah well.
I do have one admission - I do menu planning...this means I have the meals for the week planned out before I go. I also use Everyday Food (EF) - the Martha Stewart mini-magazine that is chock full of spectacular recipes. I do edit them to suit my "diet" and tastes, but they are a great base - helps on those days when my mommy brain takes a hiatus.
What I do is - go through my cookbooks and EF and make a menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks are something I throw together and are things like fruit with dips, veggies with dips, nuts or pretzels. Sometimes we'll even snack on a smoothie or a sweet I've made.
I would scan receipts, but they are typically very here goes:
This list if obviously the winter list. Starting in March I don't have to pick many of these items up at the store - they are in my backyard or at the Farmer's Market or even come in the CSA box.
Here's a photo of my CSA box:

Shopping at one of the big guys (Ralphs (mainly), Albertsons, Stater Brothers, Vons - rarely carry what I want) I cannot get my entire list and know with good faith where things have come from. I can get most things at Jimbo's (which is like Whole Foods only smaller), and can fill in with the Farmer's Market. When I find myself in the Ralphs I will fill in my list - but look for organic and local items.
Produce - depending on what the season/menu is but typically in fall/winter
Apples (which I do buy from the Farmer's Market or get some my CSA - but I will buy organic apples if I need them.)
Pears (same things as apples)
Greens (Collard, Mustard, etc)
Celery (have you ever tried to grow this? it is difficult for me)
Butternut Squash
lemons/limes (when trees aren't producing)
Mushrooms (I think I'm going to start growing these)
Wild Caught Fish 
Coconut Ice Cream
Baking (have many spices in my spice rack - so I don't typically have to re-stock but 6-12 months)
Flake salt
Fine Salt
Rough Salt
Turbinado sugar
raw agave nectar
brown rice syrup
bob's red mill gluten free flours
Gluten Free oats
Various nuts (no peanuts)
Organic Chocolate Chips
Raw cacao
poppy seed
sesame seeds

Safflower oil
Olive Oil
various vinegars - champagne, balsamic, white/red wine
Strained tomatoes
Wheat Free Tamari
organic ketchup

Sesame oil
Coconut oil
Organic gallon milk for the husband
plain yogurt
raw goat cheese
raw cheddar
mozzarella for the husband
If I'm busy/lazy - non dairy milks (rice or soy)
Rice tortillas
Cereal for husband
Brown Rice
Brown rice or quinoa pasta
Aduki Beans
black soy beans
garbanzo beans
Almond Butter
grass/finished filet, ground buffalo, and sometimes a roast...but very rare. i've been known to order a flank but it is way too much food for us.
Applegate Farms hot dogs - kids love these.,
(as mentioned above i do buy fish - fresh if i can - but sometimes frozen - but always wild caught and on the "okay" list)
Apple Juice
Everything here is Seventh Generation or Ms. Meyers - I love the baby scent laundry wash and have to go all the way to Whole Foods for it - so I buy tons when I get there. But i have window, surface, toilet, scrub, etc - now - if I could only find time to clean.
Husband loves dove 
I love Hugo Naturals - get this whenever I can
I always check for no SLS (sodium laurilsulfate) - I have skin issues I'm slowly correcting but don't need this substance making it harder.
sometimes toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc
Yummi Bears - every kind - this is what makes my bill astronomical!
CLO (cod liver oil)
Odds and Ends
organic soy pudding
So - when I went shopping in Houston I had to buy my house basically. Travelling is hard on the wallet but it is great to see family because they let me use their kitchen so we're not eating out all the time. There is the obligatory Mexican feast at Lupe Tortilla - but besides that - most of our meals are at "home" or packed lunches.
Which leads to my point - that list above ends up being about $530.00 all said (bought 2 dozen eggs because i was away from the chickens). That food would last me 2.5 weeks to a month depending on how creative I was. 
Typically i'm spending around $300.00 a week all up including the CSA.
If i bought conventional - I wonder if the price would come down? well - I'm going to figure that out! I can go online and find all of the conventional prices quite easily and that will be the entry tomorrow.
I must go feed the family.

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